1) Parts supplied correctly cannot be returned.

2) Special orders will not be accepted for return.

3) Deposits are non-refundable.

4) Title to all goods remains the property of Autocraft until payment is made in full.

5) Queries will only be valid if submitted in writing within 72 hours of invoice or purchase date.

6) The seller is under no obligation to accept goods back from the buyer. Goods accepted for return will be subject to a 25% handling or re-stocking charge less all carriage charges. Returned goods will not be accepted by the supplier unless previously agreed in writing. Returned goods must be unused and returned in its original packaging, together with all fittings and the receipt. We cannot accept any wheels back if they are damaged or scratched.

7) We reserve the right to alter prices, service or specification without notice.
8) Any advice or information imparted verbally to the customer is done so in good faith, but shall not form part of any contract between Autocraft and the customer.

9) Autocraft will not accept responsibility for late delivery of goods dispatched once they have left the supplier premises due to the courier service assigned. We advice that fitters are not booked until the goods are in your possession. We will not be liable to incur any penalty for late arrival of goods.

10) All goods should be inspected at the time of delivery. Any loss or damage should be noted on the couriers delivery sheet or the consignment refused. Once signed for in good condition, Autocraft shall have no further responsibility for claims of loss or damage in transit. Claims must be notified within 24 hours by telephone and then confirmed in writing within 72 hours of receipt.


11) products under warranty will be required to be returned by the customer for inspection depending on the nature of the problem. The time scale for the inspection to be carried out may vary. Autocraft is not under any obligation to offer you a temporary solution or a replacement during warranty inspection. Please note some wheels or parts of the wheels are only designed to be used during the warmer seasons and are not recommended to be used in the winter, e.g. chrome, polished, lacquered or hyper finished wheels.
Alloy wheel or parts of the wheel warranty covers against corrosion and manufacturing defects. All goods supplied come with a manufacturer’s warranty; the length of time may vary –

Warranted for 6 months – fully painted wheels/parts and stainless-steel finishes.
Warranted for 3 months – machined/polished/lacquered/hyper finished wheels/parts.
Warranted for 1 month – chrome wheels or chrome parts are for the purpose of show use only. Some chrome wheels are not suitable for road use and the warranty will be void if such use is undertaken.

All warranties are void if wheels are subject to any form of neglect, kerbing or chemical attack. Wheels should be cleaned on a regular basis with warm water, a mild non-abrasive detergent, and a soft cloth. Any build-up of brake dust should be removed immediately.


12) Please inspect your vehicle/purchase before leaving an Autocraft assigned workshop. All concerns and complaints must be reported within 24hours of purchase and within 72hours in writing.

13) Wheels will not be accepted for return if damaged or if tyres have been fitted. . . . Check that the wheels are suitable for your hub assembly prior to mounting your tyres.

14) Liability for the suitability and safe installation of wheels and or tyre combinations to any vehicle rests with the buyer whom is advised that if any doubts occur to seek the assistance of an expert.

15) Please inform fitters and other personnel, before fitting tyres to check:-

a) Wheel stud patterns are correctly supplied for the vehicle and any relevant fitting kit is correct in relation to both vehicle and wheel.

b) Please check wheel on vehicle to ensure it clears both brake and suspension parts and rotates freely on both front and rear hubs.

c) Carry out visual lock to lock check to ensure full bodywork clearance.

16) Any wheels or parts not to specification requiring modification to, or to vehicle for best fit and ordered or purchased on customers request, which is not recommended by Autocraft will not be accepted for return.

17) Any parts belonging to the customer/vehicle will be held by an Autocraft assigned workshop for 7 days with consent after which time will be disposed of. Autocraft will not take responsibility for loss or damage to these parts during this time.

18) The liability of the seller either to the buyer or any other person or company for damage, injury or loss of any kind whatsoever to any property or person arising as a consequence shall be limited to the replacement of the goods originally supplied or to the value of the goods originally supplied.

19) Liability for the suitability and safe installation of body kits to any vehicle rests entirely with the buyer whom is advised that if any doubts occur to seek the assistance of a professional.

20) Some body styling kits are manufactured from fibreglass to improve the ease of fitting. Kits consist of excess fibreglass so may require some trimming.

21) Fibreglass products may require some adaptions before fitting.

22) We recommend that our kits should be fitted by an experienced fitter.

23) If you require any assistance please telephone Autocraft on 01274 813374

24) We guarantee that all of our kits will fit. If required, the fitting can be arranged by us.

25) Anybody styling accessories that have been painted, damaged or altered are non-returnable.

General Care

26) Alloy wheels need to be cleaned every week with soap and water to protect them and to remove build up of brake dust and grime. We do not recommend the use of chemical wheel cleaners, mechanical or hand car washes. During the winter it is advised that you wash your wheels down after every journey especially when there are high levels of corrosive salt on the roads or alternatively use the original steel wheels during this season.


27) Any item, the subject of complaint must be returned carriage paid by the buyer to the supplier where the said goods will be passed onto the manufacturer for technical examination. Should the said goods be found to be defective and still within the warranty period then replacements will be supplied. The warranty of any product purchased shall apply only to the product itself and does not include or warrant claims for subsequent loss or damage however incurred to money, goods, property or persons.

28) all items are sold as per our “terms and conditions of sale”.

*these terms do not affect your statutory rights.

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